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MK38C Forum Rules

Post by MobCraft on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:48 pm

Welcome to the forum!
- Be Kind
Kindness gives you a better reputation.
- No Spam
Spam hogs up space in this forum, and is very annoying.
- Don't Post Inappropiate Stuff
This forum should be kid-friendly.
- Check before posting
If what you're posting is almost the exact same as another topic, it just creates spam.
- Put topics in appropiate places
It takes up the forum space and disorganizes it.
- Don't Delete Accounts Without Permission
This would be rude to the person.
- Don't Edit Profiles
THIS IS EXCLUDING ADDING RANKS. It makes the other person look weird.
- No Inappropiate Emoticons, Categories, or Forums
See above for more info.
- Don't Censor Words/Usernames That Aren't Bad
It may be insulting or rude to censor a certain word/username.

- Use Mod Tools Respectfully
Don't lock a topic just because your enemy made it!

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