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How to Join

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How to Join

Post by Creative Coder on Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:07 pm

This is copied directly from Rawrbear's post on the Hopscotch Forum:

If you would like to join, you must:

Step 1: Meet these requirements:

Make a full drawing pad with custom features and HSB colors.
Make a game with good mechanics in it, like gravity or non-glitching portals.
Make a 3 or more scene movie.
Make a good #Challenge (With a trigger so it knows when you finished the challenge).
Step 2: Say on the forum that you would like to join! Fill this out:

Have you meet the requirements?
Name on forum.
Name on Hopscotch.
Give me a random phrase.
Step 3: Email me! Ask your parents for their email, or use yours!

Email at mk38cc@g (do not include the space, and this is not my personal email)
Include this in your email:

Your name on the forum
Your name on Hopscotch
Your random phrase (cAsE sEnSiTiVe)
If everything is correct, I will send you the password.

If you cannot email, then I am sorry, you can't have the password, I do not want the hacker to see.
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